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A 98 and 85 year-old couple recover…
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A 98 and 85 year-old couple recover from the Coronavirus after spending 18 in the hospital

March 22, 2020 • By Cylia Queen

In a period where all we hear is how the coronavirus has negatively affected the economy, our health, and our personal relationships, there is at least one story that has warmed our hearts. It's a story that will perhaps not just uplift us, but also give us hope that our lives will eventually get back to normal. And it's our love and faith in each other that will get us there.   

The astronomer Han Tianqi and his wife, a 98 and 85-year-old Chinese couple, were hospitalized for 18 scrutinizing days before being released with a clean bill of health. Although their chances of survival were slim, their recovery is shedding a shred of hope to young and old everywhere. 

via: Daily Mail

Like many eldrerly people their age, Tianqi and his wife were admitted to the hospital after experiencing complications to preexisting conditions due to health problems caused by the coronavirus. These complications meant that their conditions were serious and in need of intensive care; their family was told that their chances of survival were next to impossible if they didn't receive blood tranfusions soon. 

That's when their grandson decided to post a video to his social media platforms, calling on anyone willing to donate blood to his grandparents. Without it, they had no chances of making it.   

With the help of the blood tranfusions, and the 24/7 care that they received in the hospital, Tianqi and his wife ended up making a full recovery! Obviously, their time at the hospital had some critical moments (moments where they wondered if they would make it out alive), but they never gave up hope. Furthermore, let's not excludE the fact that they were in the hospital together, fighting for their lives side by side. They say that love conquors all and, in their case, it helped them defeat the coronavirus. 

image: CGTN/Youtube

They were finally released from the hospital when several tests came back negtive for the virus. It's stories like this one that fills our hearts with joy, reminding us that people are in fact recovering. It won't be too long before we see more stories like this one popping up across social media. In the meantime, make sure you're following what your local government recommends to keep from spreading the virus. If everyone does their part, we'll be out of this situation in no time! 

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