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A 43-year-old nurse shows the effects…
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A 43-year-old nurse shows the effects of Covid-19 on his body after 1 month of intensive care

June 12, 2020 • By Alison Forde

If we still have reason to doubt the serious risks posed by Covid-19, we can listen to the words of Mike Schultz, an American nurse who found himself in intensive care for 4 weeks. After contracting the virus, Mike started feeling unwell and showing the first noticeable signs of the disease - high fever and breathing difficulties - after which he was intubated within a few days. Mike is a 43-year-old man, large and muscular, with no previous illness; yet, he contracted the terrible virus, which in 6 weeks reduced him to a rag. A photo that he himself posted on his Instagram profile proves it.

Mike Schultz probably contracted the virus during a concert in early March. When he showed up in hospital in Boston, around March 16, he was already showing all the most obvious symptoms. The forty-three year old was immediately hospitalized and as his condition continued to deteriorate, he was transferred to intensive care and intubated. Mike remained in intensive care for 4 weeks - when he woke up from this long journey, he believed that only a week had passed. Not only that: the man found himself in another larger hospital, upon his awakening.

Mike was certainly not a skinny boy and, as far as we know, he had no previous disease. Another thing we know for sure is that Coronavirus is not "a simple flu" and the photo testimony that Mike himself wanted to share on his highly followed Instagram profile proves it: in just 6 weeks, the man became almost unrecognizable. A sad transformation due to his stay in intensive care.


"I wanted to show everyone how hard it can be to stay in ICU for weeks," declared Mike

"Covid has reduced my lung capacity, but now I am getting stronger every day. I will return to my previous condition, perhaps even healthier!" Mike wrote in the caption of the photo that testifies to his transformation. The muscle tone of a few weeks before now seems like a sad memory, but Mike will soon resume his training and get back in shape. The important thing is that he is now getting back on track after fighting this insidious disease.

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