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A man contracted a potentially fatal…
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A man contracted a potentially fatal infection due to his bad habit of biting his nails

February 01, 2020 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

You just have to look around to notice that biting one's nails is a really widespread habit.

Stress, anxiety, nervousness or a simple habitual gesture that a person may not even realize are just some of the causes behind this bad habit.

However, it is always good to also think about the consequences of what we do to our body, and the bad experience that happened to the man we are going to talk about is a clear example.

In fact, by continuing to bite his nails so aggressively, this gentleman was taking a huge risk.

via: Daily Mail

It is a well-known fact that a bad habit is difficult to quit, and nail-biting fits perfectly with this type of vice. When it comes to excesses, however, it is advisable to control oneself, in order to avoid the worst.

A Scottish man, who preferred to remain anonymous, contracted an infection that could have cost him his life, just for exaggerating his nailbiting aka onychophagy.

His story, published on several social media platforms by a friend, has had a wide resonance, precisely because we are talking about a very widespread phenomenon.

For a long time, the protagonist of this story had not been unable to control his vice, and finally, his nails that had been continuously bitten and never allowed to heal developed a serious infection.

From one of his fingers, the infection moved to a hand and then moved to the entire arm, which made emergency surgery necessary.

Initially, the man had not been too worried. In fact, he had limited himself to going to a drugstore, where he was advised to apply magnesium sulfate and keep his finger covered with a bandaid.

The situation, however, continued getting worse and worse, so much so that a visit to the emergency room was necessary.

The photos of the ruined condition of his finger, which we have chosen not to show, in order not to hurt the sensitivity of viewers, speak clearly.


The Glasgow Royal Infirmary doctors who assisted the man were not gentle with him.

In fact, once the doctors saw this man's medical condition, they bluntly told him that if he had let more time pass, he could also have risked his life.

Fortunately, the man was saved and the situation ended well, even if one of his nails, with all probability, will never grow back.

We are certain that, from now on, the protagonist of this story will think twice before falling back into the dangerous vice of biting his nails.

And we hope that his story, although it is a rather extreme case, nevertheless, serves as an example to many in order to warn them—not to exaggerate with this unsightly and potentially very dangerous bad habit.

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