Coronavirus: American authorities pull over a stolen semi truck carrying over 8 tons of toilet paper in its trailer -
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Coronavirus: American authorities pull…
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Coronavirus: American authorities pull over a stolen semi truck carrying over 8 tons of toilet paper in its trailer

March 26, 2020 • By Cylia Queen

In a period where it's getting harder and harder to find hygienic products like latex gloves, disinfectants, rubbing alcohol, etc., people are finding more occasions to take advantage of people's fears revolving around the Coronavirus outbreak.

That's why it didn't surprise us when we heard about a certain arrest that took place in the United States - North Carolina, to be exact - involving a stolen semi truck and 8 tons of a product that's considered 'precious cargo' in the US these days. 

image: Needpix

Any guesses that that product might be? Toilet Paper... hundreds of thousands of rolls of toilet paper, to be exact. The police of Guilford county pulled over the semi after receiving a tip that it had been stolen. Although they didn't know at the time what type of cargo the semi truck was carrying, they found out pretty quickly.

They admitted that 8 tons of toilet paper seemed a strange thing to steal. Considering the circumstances, though, where the whole country has been reporting toilet paper shortages, it doesn't surprise them. Whoever stole the semi clearly was hoping to take advantage of the shortage and make a nice sum of money off of whatever surcharge they would have placed on the product.


The photos provided by authorities painted a clear picture of what happened: they found 8 tons worth of toilet paper in that one semi truck. Although the man who stole the truck wasn't immediately arrested, they said they are actively investigating the case. 

It's stories like this that shed a light on humanity's darker side, but this should not discourage us from thinking that good things are also happening as a result of the Coronavirus. It's our choice whether we let the bad things affect us or inspire us to be more generous to others in this period.  

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