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A man gets hospitalized after contracting…
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A man gets hospitalized after contracting the Coronavirus: his dogs waits outside the hospital for days

By Cylia Queen

Sometimes dog's go to such great lengths to show their owner just how loyal they are to them that some of the stories we share on here are almost unbelievable. Sometimes their love for us even surpasses the the love our family and friends show toward us. 

In the good, the bad, and the ugly, our four-legged friends are there for us and, most of the time, ask for nothing in return. One of the dogs that is out to prove just how loyal he his to his owner is the golden retriever shown in the image below. When his owner was hospitalized after contracting the Coronavirus, his dog waited outside the hospital for days for his owner's return.  

The dog and his owner live in Turkey. Like any other country in the world, Turkey has had their fair share of Covid-19 cases, including this dog's owner. 

In a matter of days of contracting the virus, the golden retriever's owner was hospitalized and moved to the intensive care. Realizing how in danger his owner's life was, the dog stays outside the hospital, as if to show that his owner is not alone. The dog even followed the ambulance that took his owner to the hospital, never letting his owner out of his sight. Once at the hospital, the dog refused to leave. He waited outside the hospital for days in the hops that his owner would soon be released and in good health. 

The hospital staff couldn't help but notice the golden retriever's presence on campus and began giving the dog food. They also gave him the nickname "Courage", given he stopped at nothing to be as close to his owner as physically possible. We can only hope that his owner gets well soon so that he and his wonderful dog can be reuinted soon. 

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