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Woman faces possible incarceration after…
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Woman faces possible incarceration after destroying 50 swallow nests, killing many hatchlings

May 24, 2020 • By Cylia Queen

Many things happen in this world that we hope we'll never have to witness in person. Among these situations, watching innocent animals being abandoned, abused or uprooted form their homes for no good reason is most likely at the top of everyone's list. 

Nature is a beautiful thing, but there are certain people who would rather destroy it than let it take over their properties. One woman in particular couldn't stand the fact that swallows decided to build their nests around her house, so she destroyed all 50 of them. 

It is common knowledge that swallows migrate. Once Spring comes around, they build nests wherever they land and stay in that place at least until their hatchlings have grown. The woman (who remains unnamed), a spanish citizen who lives in Daya Nueva, Alicante (Spain) wasn't very happy when she discovered at least 50 pairs of swallows had built nests around her house. 

Instead of waiting for them to leave on their own, she decided to accelerate the process, destroying the nests one by one. In Spain, it's illegal to destroy swallows' nests and can cost you up to 2 years in prison. That's why when a passerby saw what the woman was doing, he decided to capture it on camera and post it to social media. 

The passerby continued to try to get her to stop, but the woman simply pretended he wasn't even there. She continued taking down the swallows' nests with her broom, destroying many eggs and killing many hatchlings in the process. 


Isaias, the name of the passerby, filmed the entire occurrence and then sent it to the local authorities, who quickly took action against the woman. To make matters worse, she did this during quarantine, when going outside was forbidden unless for a good cause. Many of you will agree that destroying swallow nests is not a good or valid reason for leaving the house. In any case, we can only hope that this woman feels some remorse for her actions and that she'll think twice before doing it again.  

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