Milan, with the men locked in the house, the rabbits reclaim the city parks and flower beds -
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Milan, with the men locked in the house,…
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Milan, with the men locked in the house, the rabbits reclaim the city parks and flower beds

March 27, 2020 • By Alison Forde

In every part of our country, thanks to the absence of men, we are witnessing a curious phenomenon: animals and nature in general seem to be quickly recovering their spaces, those that we had occupied with our very high population density and our incessant traffic.

And so, in a deserted and silent Milan, a citizen named Sabrina Baronio told of how rabbits poured into parks and flowerbeds to graze undisturbed, moving on with their life and their natural cycles.


As has happened with the dolphins, which have appeared right in front of the port of Cagliari, or the waters of Venice which have returned transparent due to the collapse of maritime traffic, nature has also taken advantage of this newfound peace in Milan.

Rabbits, in particular, have always been present, but they mostly lived holed up and went out at dusk or early in the morning. Now, with people in quarantine, the city is almost all for them.

Being spring, rabbits are more active than ever: it is the breeding season and also the season in which the grass grows more luxuriant. If we add to this the total peace that reigns in these days ... for them it must truly be a paradise.


In an almost ghostly Milan, where silence is broken almost exclusively by ambulances, the image of these happy animals on the pasture gives us a little joy: spring is the moment of rebirth, we grit our teeth and we will be able to overcome this difficult too battle too.

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