The family is gathered at home for the…
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The family is gathered at home for the quarantine: the dachshund wags its tail so hard from happiness that it sprains its tail

April 02, 2020 • By Alison Forde

These are daunting times for anyone facing a quarantine of who knows how many more days. The Coronavirus epidemic is forcing us to live by keeping our distance, letting the outside world run its course outside our homes. There are those who are deeply disturbed, not knowing how to react to the many days of forced isolation that lie ahead of them, and then there are those who could not wait to see all their loved ones at home with them. Dogs are probably the happiest during these days when we cannot go to work and this should be enough for us to have a slightly more serene soul.

In fact, our four-legged friends cannot wait to see their loved ones all together, at home, all day long. Too many times the little friends remain alone during the day, waiting for nothing more than our return home. Emma Smith's dachshund, Rolo, could not stop wagging his tail for happiness; at some point, he must have wagged his tail too much, because he sprained his tail. His owner, Emma, told the about the accident on Twitter.

The vet confirmed everything: Rolo sprained his tail due to excessive wagging ... he was so happy to see his whole family at home! After the due care, we are sure that the sweet dachshund will return to wag his tail as always!

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