This woman is captured on a surveillance camera while abandoning 10 cats and a dog by the roadside -
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This woman is captured on a surveillance…
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This woman is captured on a surveillance camera while abandoning 10 cats and a dog by the roadside

February 06, 2020 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Adopting a pet does not just mean playing with it, cuddling it, and having fun. Taking care of a four-legged friend is also and above all a responsibility.

For this reason, welcoming a dog or cat into the family should always be a thoughtful and conscious decision and never made hastily or superficially.

Unfortunately, however, there are many cases of people who, all over the world, do not pause to reflect when they adopt a pet, and therefore, often end up mistreating it or abandoning it to its destiny.

A case in point is the woman we are going to tell you about, who was caught red-handed by a surveillance camera committing a truly heartless and illegal act.

The police in Hillsborough County, Florida, promptly launched a search for the woman in question who was captured on film by a video surveillance camera as she abandoned not just one animal by the roadside, but 10 cats and a dog.

That's right! And the aforementioned woman had already been to the nearby Critter Adoption Rescue Effort refuge (C.A.R.E.) where she had been informed that, unfortunately,  they could not accept any more animals because the refuge shelter was full.

So, evidently, somehow the woman thought it was a good idea to just abandon a dog and 10 cats by the roadside, not far from the animal refuge shelter!

An act which, fortunately, was recorded by several surveillance cameras, which clearly show her intent on getting rid of her "burdens".

The poor animals, abandoned, and confused, began to disperse into the surrounding area, and it took several days to find all of them and bring them to safety.

The thing about this ugly incident that left everyone stunned, is the fact that the C.A.R.E. refuge volunteers had given the woman a list of other similar structures where she could try to take her pet animals.


Instead, the woman had chosen at the same time both the easiest and cruelest solution to her dilemma.

Once identified and interrogated by the police authorities, she said that she did not know that abandoning animals was against the law!

In any case, now she knows that it is illegal—and she will have to face and respond to various allegations of animal abuse and mistreatment.

Therefore, all that remains is to hope that we witness fewer and fewer of these cases. Animals are living creatures with feelings and sensibilities and they always deserve our respect.

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