Eclipse is a famous dog that takes the bus every day alone to go for a walk in her favorite park -
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Eclipse is a famous dog that takes the…
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Eclipse is a famous dog that takes the bus every day alone to go for a walk in her favorite park


If you are passing through Seattle and you happen to get on one of the many city buses, you might be lucky and also meet a very gentle and intelligent female dog named Eclipse!
This dog is very popular in the city where she lives because she is well-behaved and sociable.
In fact, Elipse is so friendly and well-liked that every day without any problems she takes the bus to go for a nice walk in the park!
Then when she wants to leave and go home to her human family, she takes the same bus back home—using her bus pass that is attached to her collar!

Famous in the city for being a sociable, playful and very independent dog, Eclipse takes the same bus every day to go and spend about two hours in her favorite city park!
She goes there to do her business, makes new friends or just takes a walk.
But make no mistake! Eclipse's owner regularly pays for the bus pass that she uses, just like everyone else does! In fact, Eclipse always has her bus pass attached to her collar!
The bus pass is valid for getting on and off the metropolitan public transport system.

It all started when Eclipse's owner, Jeff Young, was waiting one day for the bus to take his dog to the city park for their daily walk.
Tired of waiting for her owner, who was still smoking a cigarette when the bus that would take them to the park arrived, Eclipse stunned her owner Jeff, by immediately getting on board the bus all by herself, and Jeff joined her a few moments later!


Now, after a few solo bus trips and establishing her routine, Eclipse has become so good at taking her daily walk by herself, in her favorite park, that Jeff now lets her get on the city buses alone, but always equipped with her bus pass attached to her collar.
Furthermore, the bus drivers also seem to like the presence of the sweet and polite black dog, much so that Eclipse has now become a true mascot of Seattle's public transport system.
In fact, Eclipse's daily bus rides, prove how easy and pleasant it is to use the Seattle public means of transport—for dogs as well as humans!

Given the popularity of the dog in Seattle, a Facebook page dedicated to Eclipse has also been set up, which now has reached more than 50,000 followers!

Very good Eclipse! Kudos to you!

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