Vincent, the cute little dog who pretends…
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Vincent, the cute little dog who pretends to pass out on the ground instead of returning home from a walk with his master

June 13, 2020 • By Alison Forde

If you have a pet at home who is crazy about going out for his traditional afternoon walk, you know that returning to him within the four walls is always a trauma. If it were up to our four-legged friends, they would always remain in the open air, hanging around and getting to know animals and people other than his family. At the cost of lying on the ground, immobile so as not to return to his own home, just like the doggy star of this funny video.

The dog captured in the video of Facebook user Nicola Booth who lives in Queensland in Australia, shows a four-legged friend who suddenly lay down on the ground, belly upwards as if he were "passed out", faking being dead to buy time and stay indefinitely in the open air to take his walk.

Nicola's video clearly shows the owner of the dog Vincent, who stops, in front of the amused gaze of the people who passed by, and who calls him to retrace his steps and follow him to reach home! Despite the various calls of the owner, in the end Vincent gained extra time in the open air thanks to this clever and cunning trick!


Next time you get irritated by your dog for being too slow on their walk spare a thought for this dog owner I met this morning . Watch till the end . Absolutely crying 😂🐾💖

Pubblicato da Nicola Booth su Domenica 3 maggio 2020

In the video above you can watch the images captured by Nicola Booth and have a laugh in the company of Vincent, the dog who, in order not to go home, "faints" on the street .. belly up!

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