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A newborn baby was found and rescued…
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A newborn baby was found and rescued from a manhole thanks to the insistent barking of a dachshund

By Cylia Queen

If someone told you that one day you'd rescue an abandoned baby while walking your dog, you probably wouldn't give it a second thought. Charmaine Keevy certainly didn't think that it would happen to her and her dog, Georgie. Life is sometimes funny like that, though. That's why, when Georgie started barking hysterically on one of their daily walks, Charmaine knew that something wasn't quite right. 

Charmaine and Georgie live in a town in South Africa where nothing out of the ordinary ever happens. This particular day, Georgie was acting crazy... it started out like any ordinary day, though. Once Charmaine and Georgie passed over a manhole, that's when Georgie started to bark hysterically. It was as if he was trying to let his owner, Charmaine, know that someone's life was in danger. Unable to open up the manhole herself, Charmaine immediately asked a passerby to help her lift it off the ground. That's when the passerby reached his hands into the manhole and pulled out a newborn baby, who was covered in dirt and grime and clearly crying. The man quickly wrapped the baby in his jacket and brought her to the surface. 

image: Twitter

The newborn was first treated by a paramedic and then taken to the emergency room, where she recovered quickly. She now goes by the name Grace April and has Georgie, the courageous dachshund, to thank for saving her life. 

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