Young boy had to give up his puppy dog…
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Young boy had to give up his puppy dog because his father mistreated him: 2 years later, he continues to send the dog letters

May 10, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

The relationship that is established between a dog and its owner is always very strong, especially if those who take care of the animal know that even a dog deserves love, care and respect. In 2020, a 9-year-old boy had to give up his dog, a puppy named Simon, because he was being abused by his father. The father constantly mistreated the little dog, so much so that the child was forced to give it to a shelter, in the hope of being able to see it again and get him back "when he was older". If the story were not already so moving, after two years, we found out that the child continues to write his dog letters and sends him what little savings he has.

The young boy could not bear that his father mistreated Simon, a beautiful puppy with white fur and brown eyes, so he decided that the animal would have a better future in a shelter. Despite being his dog and his best four-legged friend, this 9-year-old boy performed one of the greatest acts of love that can be shown towards those we love: letting them go. The child delivered Simon to the Pergatuzoo, an animal shelter in Mexico City.

The child entrusted Simon to the shelter, leaving a heartbreaking letter for the volunteers in which he said that, one day, he will return to pick him up: "I'll leave Simon with you, but he's my dog. I don't want my father to hit him anymore; he cries a lot because he doesn't have enough food for him (...). Do not give Simon away - when I am older I will come back for him ". The volunteers of the shelter were very moved to read this letter and want to fulfill the child's wish: taking care of Simon, finding him a temporary home at most, but without giving him up for adoption.


Over time, the volunteers shared Simon's progress growing up and photos of how he has been getting on over the years on Facebook. The most moving aspect of this story is that the boy continued to write to the shelter and to send his meagre savings to Simon - even up to two years after the sad day he had to give the dog up to the shelter. From the photos posted on Facebook, you can see the letters and small change that the child had saved for food of his beloved Simon.

The love and awareness that this child has shown to his pet should be shared by all those who decide to open their homes to a new puppy. Our animal friends are part of our family and should be treated as such.

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