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A dog secretly follows the children…
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A dog secretly follows the children to school and ends up in the principal's office - a hilarious scene

November 17, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Spending your childhood with a dog in the family means having a special friend right away. A friend who in terms of affection, loyalty and protection is practically unparalleled. Karen Manthey's family of 5 children, whose dog Sandy has accompanied their growth since the first moment he entered the house, know this well. Sandy is such a caring and attentive dog to the needs of each member of the family, that he always wants to keep everything under control and to know exactly where each of them is. No wonder, therefore, that he always wants to follow everyone, wherever they go. For example, Sandy always wants to follow his young owners as they go to school: he battles the temptation every morning, following them in the hope of not being noticed.

One morning Sandy succeeded in his aim of following the boys to school; none of them had noticed his presence as they walked to reach the school. The sweet little dog, as also explained by "mom Karen", always does this, every single day he tries to follow the children to school to keep an eye on them. It's an instinct that he retains even when the family splits up for the holidays and he finds himself going back and forth a few kilometers to keep the two family groups under control. When the children became aware of the dog's presence, they "sent him straight to the principal's office" to calm him down a bit.

Karen's cell phone was unreachable at the time and the principal was unable to contact her to ask her to take back her dog. However, the school allowed the eldest daughter to walk home with Sandy, to take him back to a place more suited to him. It's only a short journey, which is why the school allowed it. Karen couldn't believe her eyes when she saw her daughter return with Sandy by her side. Mom went to school to apologize, but the staff and the principal himself reassured the woman, referring to the rather funny and surreal scene that the dog had managed to create. Everyone had enjoyed it and laughed for a while thanks to Sandy's unusual presence.

The dog, however, has never regretted that little misdeed. Indeed, probably now the family will have to keep him under control even more, to prevent him from attending in the children's lessons at school!

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