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20 times when selfies are so disastrous…
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20 times when selfies are so disastrous that it seems to almost be done on purpose

November 13, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Let's face the truth, without filters: every time we take a selfie with our mobile phone, whether alone or in a group, we are always looking for the perfect angle, the best light, the dream background, the enviable symmetry of shapes. But how entertaining are those selfies that, despite having been taken with all the good will to create a photographic "masterpiece", have turned out to be so disastrous that they make us laugh? We have collected some of the funniest here!

A third wheel in the perfect shot: a spider!

A dangerous selfie with a coyote ... he's not friendly looking!


When you decide to get away from the monkeys ... it might be too late ...

The man in the backgrouns shirt says, "Stop taking selfies." How ironic!

How can you not take a selfie with such a photogenic zebra?


Guess where my smiling face is? Under the wind blown mass of hair!

Ok, it was a perfect selfie before this disastrous fall ... ouch!


Taking a selfie in the delivery room ... why not?

This kangaroo seems very interested in the girl's hair ...


A classic!

It seems like my cat doesn't like selfies!

Fancy a perfect selfie? There you go!

image: jdk/Reddit

I was trying to take a selfie ... without much success!

A selfie with a selfie stick ... mm ok.

My grandmother's first attempt at taking a selfie ...

Selfie with a possum!

The selfie in the selfie in the selfie in the selfie

image: Pivec/Reddit

It's behind you!

A selfie taken while I was falling!

My father taking an absurd selfie ...

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