An insensitive mother-in-law doesn't want the groom's disabled sister to be the bridesmaid: "it's the wrong choice" -
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An insensitive mother-in-law doesn't…
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An insensitive mother-in-law doesn't want the groom's disabled sister to be the bridesmaid: "it's the wrong choice"

November 12, 2020 • By Alison Forde

When organizing a wedding, there are many elements that can bring nervousness and stress to the future spouses; be it the organization of the ceremony, the number of guests, the menu, what clothing to wear, the big step that is about to be taken, but also the continuous and frequent interference of the couple's parents, who want the day to be practically perfect, almost tailor-made for them. However, these interferences are sometimes completely over the top and out of place.

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In a discussion on Reddit, a 23-year-old anonymous writer recounted his experience of preparing for his wedding; not only did the man claim that the organization had already turned into a nightmare, but that the misplaced demands of his mother-in-law had only made the situation worse. The man says that "His mother kept trampling boundaries and changing the plans we had in mind to have a 'decent' marriage and not let it 'be ruined' and embarrass her."

An attitude that the future bride also took, who seemed to share some points of view of the intrusive mother. In fact, the couple had decided that his 9-year-old sister, who was disabled and suffered from a mild form of cerebral palsy, would be the maid of honor who would sprinkle the church aisle with flowers. But this was not good enough for the mother-in-law and the future wife ...

In fact, the girlfriend told the man that they had made the "wrong choice" of bridesmaid with these words: "In reality she said she wasn't sure how my sister would behave at the wedding and that we shouldn't have taken a risk and chosen her niece instead, but I remained convinced of my idea, I told her no, that's not happening, since I had given my word to my sister and my parents. And no way will I make her angry and sad and let my future wife's niece take her place."

In response, the girlfriend suggested that, as the future mother-in-law thought, the 9-year-old sister should have worn the bridesmaid dress but that she should sit without sprinkling the flowers because "they wouldn't have known how she would behave at that moment.". A response that generated hundreds of comments from readers who were annoyed and supportive of the 23-year-old groom.

And you, would you have responded in the same way if you were in such an unpleasant situation?


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