Woman takes her dog to the groomer, but they give her back the wrong puppy

Mark Bennett

January 31, 2022

Woman takes her dog to the groomer, but they give her back the wrong puppy

In the frenzy of daily tasks, it can happen that you forget some things and let yourself be overwhelmed by more urgent things to do. But how many of you would ever have happened to accidently swap two similar-looking puppies? Tykesha Cherry had taken her puppy, Lucky, for grooming, but when she came back to pick him up, she had a weird feeling. She took the dog to the car, but she continued to inspect him closely, and she even sent a photo of him to her partner, Quinn Young. And slowly, the mystery unfolded before her eyes: the dog she was returning home with wasn't her dog!

via Facebook / Tykesha Cherry


In this photo, Lucky is on the right. On the left is someone else's dog...

Went to groomingdales on 21st street and they messed up. They gave me the wrong dog in pic 1 when the puppy in pic 2 is...

Pubblicato da Tykesha Cherry su Mercoledì 5 gennaio 2022

To err is human, it is true, and it is something that can happen to anyone, even the most attentive, but in some cases it can really lead to some rather unpleasant consequences. The woman was very disappointed by the unprofessional behavior of the groomer who had handed her off the wrong dog - and she let the whole web know about the incident, posting her experience to Facebook. The woman had brought her little dog in for a trim and she hardly could have imagined that the shop would make such a huge mistake by handing her back the wrong poodle. Initially, Tykesha hadn't paid much attention to the dog, but the closer she got to her car, the more she wondered if it was really Lucky that was under the dog's white fur. Finally, before starting the car, she took a picture of the dog and sent it to her boyfriend, who confirmed that it was not Lucky.

Despite this incident, we cannot fail to notice the guilty look of the "unknown" dog in the photo on the left: too funny!

Oh Lucky… I meant RANDY 🙄🤣🤣

Pubblicato da Tykesha Cherry su Mercoledì 12 gennaio 2022

"I kept looking at the dog in the parking lot and he looked very different. Thank goodness I called Quinn to make sure I wasn't making a mistake. If I had left, who knows where my little Lucky would be now?," said Tykesha, still very angry after the incident.

Would you fail to recognize your own dog if you were rushing around and being distracted?