A dog remains motionless like a statue…
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A dog remains motionless like a statue together with his street artist master: now they are real stars

June 18, 2021 • By Alison Forde

A dog would do anything for his favorite human, he would follow him everywhere and act in any way to protect him from the dangers of the world; after all, we know that such a relationship of trust and symbiosis can be established between pet and human being, that the relationship between the two goes beyond simple respect and fidelity. One thing that this Brazilian street artist named Yorge Luis Ruiz knows very well, a guy with a very strong artistic vein who never goes to work without his loyal friend Jasper!

Yorge Luis Ruiz is a street artist who puts his art into practice in front of passers-by in the city of Fortaleza in Brazil; of Venezuelan origin, this boy has studied incessantly for four years to learn how to be the perfect statue; it's not just a matter of make-up and costume, but also of how much your body can perfectly adapt to immobility for hours and hours!

However this is an artistic job that Yorge does not carry out by himself at all; next to him there is always his trusty four-legged friend, the little dog named Jasper, who thanks to the Instagram page dedicated to him, has quickly become a real star on the internet! According to what Yorge said, his dog has never learned to remain immobile as his master does, but he succeeded in the most unexpected way possible!


Yes, because it seems that by simply kissing little Jasper's neck, the dog freezes and manages to become, albeit for a few minutes, a little statue perfectly blended with the colors and make-up of his street artist master; together, the two form a fantastic and unexpected couple, which now passers-by and the onlookers on the streets of Fortaleza have come to love ...

Check out Yorge and Jasper's artistic performances below:


The young man, given the great success he has had and continues to have on Instagram thanks to the presence of Jasper, wanted us to thank all those who continue to support them: "We thank the Brazilians very much every day for appreciating our work. We are overwhelmed by all the positive feedback we are receiving right now. Thanks from me and Jasper! "

No doubt about it, in this case dog and owner form a unique artistic partnership!

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