Two elderly people walk down the street holding hands - the image of true friendship -
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Two elderly people walk down the street…
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Two elderly people walk down the street holding hands - the image of true friendship

June 10, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Whoever finds a friend finds a treasure. A saying that, although it has now entered the common vocabulary and has been used too many times, hides a fund of great truth. In fact, it is really true that anyone who has a friend next to them in life who accompany them in every step of their life is a very lucky person. The value of friendship is so precious and increasingly rare that those who experience it every day should hold on to it tightly!

An anonymous photo that is making the rounds of the web is the perfect representation of everything it means to have a close friend and spend a lifetime with him, from childhood to the arrival of old age. In the very tender photo shot there are two elderly people walking down the street holding each other's hands. An image that certainly generated curiosity among passers-by and among those who wondered why those two men of a certain age seemed so "inseparable".

The reality that is the two tender protagonists of this photographic image that has made the rounds of the Internet are close friends; they have known each other since childhood and have never separated until today; with the arrival of the third age and the first ailments of old age, they have always taken care of each other as true friends, even when fragility and ill health arrive...

Yes, because the old man on the right in the photo has unfortunately become almost blind, and his friend accompanies him every day for a walk so as not to leave him alone and to get him out of the house; this is the reason why these two moving elderly people were seen walking in the open air hand in hand, generating curiosity among passers-by or simply among those who wondered what story was behind these two people who seem so close...

But beyond the gesture and the ill health of one of the two, for sure this photo manages to perfectly summarize what it means to have a heart felt friend in life: such a friend will never abandon you, will never betray you, will always be at your side, in good times and bad, and will literally take you by the hand to guide you, advise you and always support you. Whoever finds such a friend has found a priceless treasure!


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