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He found a box full of money near an…
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He found a box full of money near an ATM and didn't hesitate to return it

June 08, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Today honesty no longer seems to be universal and those gestures that once would have gone unnoticed because they were judged as "everyday decency", might today make you open your eyes wide. If a man returns a wallet, there are those who praise him for his honesty and those who, on the other hand, would call him "stupid" for having turned his back on luck. The man who is at the center of this story, however, found much more than a wallet on the street: a box with $27,000, which armored truck staff had mistakenly left on the sidewalk. The man stopped his car, suspicious about the black container he had spotted on the street, and went over to check it out. When he saw that the label on the box said "$40,000", he took hold of it and drove to the nearest branch to return the money to the bank.

George Condash, a resident of Westland, Michigan, was blessed with luck, but rightly did not want to take advantage of it: the money that the man found on the street, next to an ATM, was not his and the box which had been left on the street was clearly the result of an error by some employee. George didn't think twice about loading up the box full of money and making his way to the nearest bank branch. It was clear, and it was later confirmed by the images from the security camera, that the employee driving the security van had forgotten to pick up the box with the money before leaving. The bank employees were very relieved as soon as George showed up with the money and the bank manager rewarded him with a cash sum.

Alicia Stewart, the bank manager, explained: "It could have ended up in a very different way for us. But Mr. Condash was very honest about returning the money, so we appreciate it very much."

George's real reward was having a clear conscience at the end of the day. True, $40 or $27,000 may appeal to anyone, especially if you have needed money at some point in your life, but for some people, honesty still comes first.

Faced with a large sum of money like the one George found, would you have done the same?


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