Officers are called for a "dangerous"…
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Officers are called for a "dangerous" pit bull, but when they arrive they see that he just wants to play

June 24, 2020 • By Alison Forde

There are no bad dogs, only reckless and uneducated owners. Certainly, there are breeds of four-legged friends who have different dispositions to others, who is more companionable, who less, but the fact is that very often the character of aggresive animals depends on the environment in which they live and in which they have grown. Take the example of pit bulls, unjustly accused of being among the most dangerous and aggressive dog breeds. It is not like that at all.

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Lee County Florida residents also had the wrong idea of pit bulls; so much so that when a dog of this breed had been wandering for days alone, without a collar and an owner, they were all worried that it could be dangerous or aggressive and immediately called the local police authority ...

But when the patrol officers arrived at the place where the dog was wandering, they were all surprised by the potentially "dangerous" pitubll's behavior ...

The dog probably just wanted to play or otherwise have some human company, so much so that he stood up on his front legs and looked in the window of the police car with a very playful and harmless look!


After stroking him for a few minutes, the police officers picked up the dog in the car and took him to the station, to investigate who the owner of the pit bull could be. Despite not having a collar, the dog did indeed appear to be in good condition, and perhaps the hypothesis was that he had escaped in some way.

In the end, the owners of the sweet pit bull were identified and told the Lee County police that the dog had simply taken advantage of a door left open to take a long unsupervised walk, thus getting lost and not being able to find the way home ... But all is well what ends well for this sweet pit bull and his human family!

A story with a happy ending that proves once again that, despite the clichés and preconceptions, appearances very often (perhaps too often) ... deceive!

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