Every time he goes out, this dog can't…
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Every time he goes out, this dog can't wait to go home to dive into his bed and take a nap

April 16, 2020 • By Alison Forde

One of the things that our cute four-legged friends adore most is taking a nap once they are back inside the walls of the house after a nice walk with their human masters. Above all, some dogs are literally cannot wait to return home to dive into the comfortable and warm sheets of their own kennel; like King, the protagonist of our story, a real "lazy bones" by choice.

via: The Dodo

Claye Jackson, King's human owner, says that two months after two months, the gentle four-legged friend loves to lie comfortably and without worries on his bed, to take a restful nap ...

Since King "made the acquaintance" of his soft bed, he can no longer do without it; also when he returns from a walk to meet his needs, he literally runs like lightning to lie down among those comfortable sheets!

Claye Jackson says, "He does it every time after a walk; he starts running faster towards the road to return, as if he knows the way home." King not only spends the whole night curled up in his bed, but also spends most of his day there, and even when he has to leave the house, he probably spends most of his time thinking about going back to bed ... a feeling which many of us can relate to, isn't it?

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