This cute little dog can't stop staring…
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This cute little dog can't stop staring at his portrait when his family shows him

March 11, 2020 • By Alison Forde

In the tender and funny story we tell you today, the protagonist is called Addy, and she is a sweet little dog who lives, together with three other playmates, in the Reed house. Loved and adored by everyone in the family, Addy is also the most responsible of the four dogs that make up the "four-legged picture". The Reeds define Addy cheeky, authoritarian, a little naive and stubborn, and they certainly love her for it. And we can say in a certain way, that Addy also loves a lot ... herself!

via: The Dodo

Addy's human sister, Katelynn Reed has in fact documented on her Instagram channel, where she often tells about the fun and irresistible images and pictures of life with her four dogs, what happened during the exchange of gifts on Christmas morning 2019... 

In the Reed home, the moment when the gifts were unwrapped was the perfect setting for a surprising and very sweet moment at the same time: Katelynn gave the her mother a series of portraits of her 4 dogs in a photo book that was printed specifically to be proudly shown at home to those friends who would come to visit them ...


In a nutshell, when the photograph printed on the book of Addy's beautiful hairy face was shown, the sweet dog was dumbfounded for a few moments, then made her way through the gift packages and approached her portrait, sniffing with circumspection who could be that rather familiar canine face ...

Addy absolutely could not stop staring at that photo, even if we are not so sure that she "recognized" herself...


But despite this, the Reed family now has one more reason to be proud of having these four fantastic dogs at home; and they are extra proud of Addy, whose playful face is now forever imprinted on that wonderful photo book which now the dog can no longer stop staring at!

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