2 practical tips to prevent your glasses…
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2 practical tips to prevent your glasses from fogging up if you wear a protective mask

May 05, 2020 • By Alison Forde

When this global pandemic ends and we enter the so-called "Phase 2", we will all have to wear a protective mask if we attend any type of public space. Many states all over the world are already making the wearing of protective masks obligatory, if you have to go to the supermarket or pharmacy or to take a medical examination, so we must by necessity get used to this new "fashion accessory" for some time .

But wearing protective masks can have unwanted side effects: for those who already wear glasses, having a mask can cause so-called "fogging of the lenses"; how to solve this annoying problem? Simple.

One of the most effective ways to avoid fogging of the glasses lenses is to put a handkerchief on the top of the mask. Fold the fabric horizontally and place it between the face and the top of the mask, in this way, the fabric is hit by the breath (which causes moisture, essentially what is fogging the glasses) before it can reach the lenses. Easy!

Another simple method: wash your glasses with soap and water before going out with a protective mask. While ophthalmologists don't normally recommend soap for glasses, because it can cause smudging, it's actually a good tactic for reducing fogging. A thin layer will be developed by the soap used, which allows the water molecules to spread evenly over the glasses, avoiding the annoying consequence when breathing. 

Very simple DIY ideas and advice that anyone who uses or wears glasses can put into practice ... during phase 2!

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