Covid-19: an expert in sanitizing our enviroment gives us 5 useful tips to better disinfect the home

Alison Forde

March 27, 2020

Covid-19: an expert in sanitizing our enviroment gives us 5 useful tips to better disinfect the home

The Coronavirus pandemic is now a reality that closely affects many people around the world. The contagions increase, as well as the discomforts of all those who have to deal with the restrictive measures issued by the authorities to prevent an even more massive spread of the infection.

Although it is not always easy to carry out everything we do every day with an eye to hygiene and protection from any infectious agents, it is better, now than ever, to work in this direction. So Matteo Fadenti, Italian specialist in sanitizing environments and preventing risks in the workplace, intervened to reiterate the importance of cleaning at home, listing 5 tips through which to put it into practice at its best.

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1. Remove your shoes and clean the floors well

It is essential, especially at a time like the one we are experiencing, to keep bacteria and viruses away from the places where we live every day. To do this, if we go out, it is always good to immediately remove the shoes as soon as you return home: a piece of advice which is always valid, and now more than ever. As for the floors, to disinfect them, after removing the dirt with a broom or vacuum cleaner, a detergent, alcohol or a chlorine-based product is useful.

2. Keep an eye on sponges, rags and cloths

Choosing the tools with which we clean is not a secondary precaution at all. It is also thanks to them, in fact, that we will be able to obtain the best results. Cloths, rags and sponges should be cleaned or changed frequently, in order to avoid stubborn dirt residues. The best thing, but certainly causing greater waste, would be to use disposable products. Sponges, in particular, must be disinfected by keeping them soaked with specific products, precisely because they absorb a lot.


3. Which disinfectant?

Alcohol, bleach, vinegar, specific detergents. In the time of the Coronavirus, when sanitizing objects and surfaces in common use has become a basic necessity, the question becomes a must. Alcohol in particular seems quite effective in fighting Covid-19. Mixed with water - from 60 to 90% -  it can give us simple and concrete help to protect us.

4. Clean the tables, worktops, handles and switches as well as possible

Think about it: desks, tables, shelves are all surfaces with which, directly or indirectly, depending on the case, we come into contact. This is why it is very important that they are kept clean and sanitized in the best way, especially during the health emergency that we are living with Coronavirus. According to Fadenti, the kitchen table should always be sanitized before eating from it. This is especially true when, perhaps by mistake, we leave shopping bags or other things that may have been in contact with human saliva. Things we rarely remember to clean but always touch? Door handles and light switches.



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5. It's safe to go with steam

Many people in the house have appliances to clean with steam. This technique can also be useful to protect our homes from Covid-19, an invisible but insidious enemy. Steam sterilizes and sanitizes, thanks to high temperatures: for this reason it is a fairly safe method to use.

It is important to remember, in any case, to always use disinfectant products as prescribed by their manufacturers. Effectiveness varies according to many factors and our health, in cleaning processes, must always be kept an eye on: for this reason, it is good not to overdo it with aggressive and potentially harmful substances. With a few extra daily precautions, we could really rest easy and keep the virus out of the house!