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A hotel welcomed dozens of homeless…
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A hotel welcomed dozens of homeless people during the pandemic: everyone offered to work to repay the gesture

July 07, 2020 • By Alison Forde

The Coronavirus epidemic has spread all over the world, taking victims everywhere, although in some countries the situation seems to have returned under control, in many others the numbers of infections and victims continue to rise steeply. In the UK, restrictive measures regarding hotel reservations have not yet been lifted, but the well-known luxury hotel "Fownes Hotel" in Worcester has been able to work almost at full capacity, hosting some of the homeless people from the city. To repay the hospitality and kindness of the hotel, many of them gave their time and offered to perform some manual work: a small concrete help to say thank you for finally having a roof over their heads and a real bed to sleep in.

"They treat us very well and feed us," said Terence Marriott, one of the 50 homeless people who were lucky enough to be hosted by the Fownes Hotel in Worcester during this pandemic. To repay such kindness, many of them have put their skills and willpower to the service of the hotel; assistant manager Julie Merrick told how many of them went to her asking, "Is there anything I can do? Anything?".

For example, one young man, being a bricklayer and unable to find work elsewhere, offered to redo the walls of the patio. Not everyone lives on the street as you might think, there are some who have found themselves in Fownes because of the unlucky circumstances of this last period: living without working can be impossible.


All of them, however, have contributed and helped to facilitate in this emergency. It is precisely the little things, the kindnesses that make the difference and these guests have shown that they know how to fully appreciate the joy of small things.


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