Mom arrives in class during math to teach her son a lesson on respect -
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Mom arrives in class during math to…
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Mom arrives in class during math to teach her son a lesson on respect

January 10, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Parenting is not easy and also involves making drastic choices that are not always appreciated by children. This is exactly what Becky Crandley, a 30-year-old woman and mother of a 12-year-old son, did. After receiving several phone calls and emails from school due to her son's behavior, she decided to show up for math and sit next to him. It was not a hasty choice but carefully considered: her goal was to teach her son a lesson on behavior and respect.

via: TheSun

After the school's repeated warnings about her son's bad attitude, Becky had threatened to sit next to him at school. In fact, the woman does not tolerate disrespect and has always put all her energies into transmitting her values to her children. The boy, despite being repeatedly punished by the teachers for his behavior, seemed not to have learned from his mistakes.

So Becky, a mother of 5, talked to the school and sneaked into the math class. The boy didn't think that his mother would keep her promise and he was very embarrassed when his mother entered the class: his face turned red and he lowered his head in shame. Many parents blame teachers for their children's attitudes, but Becky wanted to show that change must start with parents who have to take responsibility for theri kids behavior. Let's hope the boy has learned his lesson.


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