Head of HR explains how one should react…
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Head of HR explains how one should react to the resignation of an employee: "Congratulations!"

April 27, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

If any of you have ever had the pleasure, or the displeasure, of quitting your job, you will know the level of discomfort you can face in making this request. It is never pleasant to have to tell your boss that you intend to "abandon ship", but it is an inevitable step when you are lucky enough to find a better job. Daniel Space, a man in charge of the staff of a company and, therefore, an expert in Human Resources, has published a video in which he explains how the head of a company should treat an employee who decides to quit. According to the expert, resentment and hostility should be avoided at all costs.

In the video Dan posted on TikTok, he is seen explaining in detail how a conversation should be conducted between the head of a company and an employee who has resigned. This is a delicate moment, of course, which deserves to be handled with tact and empathy. Dan argues that a real boss should always support his employees, even at a time like this.

Here's how theaboss should start, according to Daniel, in case you decide to quit your job:

"Congratulations. I am so happy for you and that all your hard work has paid off. We will miss you around here - we will miss all the wonderful things about you. Please don't worry for a minute about the work or transition we will have to make - the company will be fine. I will be fine. We will miss you, please keep in touch with us and let us know if there is anything we can do for you. "

In addition, he added this to the hypothetical conversation: "We would love to celebrate your success with you, but we want to respect your privacy too. If you want to tell us about your new job, we would all like to celebrate it with you. It is an honor for me to see how far you have come, you are well-deserving of the advancement you have achieved. I hope you get a significant raise and a rewarding job position, and I hope you stay in touch with us. "

Many followers thanked Dan for this video, given the terrible personal experiences many of them have had at various companies. Many have stated that most of the time, the bosses of these companies are shocked by the resignation of staff and, instead of praising their growth - as only a true leader would - they resort to insults and abuse in the last two weeks of the employee's work.

Have you ever had a conversation like this with an ex-boss?


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