Depressed by her recent divorce, a woman…
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Depressed by her recent divorce, a woman bursts into tears: her horse "hugs" and comforts her

May 06, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

It is true that animals understand their owners and know when it is time to be close to them. Anyone who does not believe that this is possible, can just read this story to understand how true this statement is. In fact, Shania Hunnicutt, the subject of a story that went viral on the internet, knows all about this and her experience of being comforted by an animal have been immortalized in the images taken of a touching and tender moment she shared with her four-legged friend.

No, we are not talking about a dog or a cat, but a horse. Passionate about, and dedicated to these animals, the woman felt that her horses were close to her and "understanding" of a very difficult moment in her life. Let's read about her story:

Shania was in full marital crisis when she took, by pure chance, a video in which she is seen in the company of her two horses - Shiner and Moonshine. Always with a great passion for these animals, the Texan woman was working to become a trainer, and almost every day she used to spend time with her two equine friends to practice their moves and film their reactions.

Some time ago, when the day of her divorce from her partner was approaching and she was busy moving out of the couple's home, she experienced one of the most intense and touching moments with one of her four-legged friends. Shania had gone to her horses as usual to check that everything was all okay and to practice some training. She usually set up a camera to film herself at work and to study her interaction with the animals.


Shania said in an interview: "I had just positioned the camera as I always do, when I had a moment of despair. That day, I was just back from having moved out of my marital home and all the emotions overwhelmed me. I sat down and something unexpected happened. Shiner , my horse, must have felt something was not right. He put his muzzle on my shoulder and nudged me towards his chest. He wanted to comfort me and I burst into tears. "

Despite the painful and sad moment, the woman was positively shocked by what she experienced and, perhaps, she will be forever grateful to her horse Shiner for his comforting gesture.

Animals are beautiful creatures. Whatever their breed, they will always do everything possible to make their master peaceful and to be close to them in any way, just like Shania's animal friends did. Whenever possible, we should try to reciprocate - they will be more than happy.


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