Elderly man takes care of his neighbor's…
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Elderly man takes care of his neighbor's dogs for 2 weeks: "thanks to them I started living again and now I'm happy"

May 06, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

As you get older and older, your daily life changes and, in many cases, you no longer have the strength to do many things you used to be able to. Many people withdraw into themselves and interact very little with the outside world, especially when they don't have children or close relatives to keep them company and cheer them up. This is exactly what happened to the subject of this story.

After a few unpleasant events in his life, the old man of this story was left alone, estranged from everyone and growing more and more depressed and sad. At least he was, until Smokey, Oreo and Jennifer entered his life. These 3 puppies gave Mr. Robert's life a shot in the arm and gave him many happy moments - happy moments that he had not experienced for a long, long time. Let's see how the story developed:

via: Reddit

Thanks to Reddit user, @SnooCupcakes8607, we learned about the moving story of elderly Mr. Robert, who is the subject of this tale. The story went viral on the web especially due to the countless comments it garnered, and in the post you can see a photo of a letter of thanks. The letter, written by the Mr. Robert and addressed to his neighbor, has these opening words: "Good afternoon. This letter refers to the period of your holiday, when I had the opportunity to "babysit" your puppies. The purpose of the letter is simply to thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity ". But what opportunity is the old man talking about?

According to Mr. Robert, after his father passed away, he was left completely alone in the world. Without a partner in life and without children or close relatives, the elderly man became more and more withdrawn into himself, to the point of cutting almost all contact he had with the outside world. All this had left room only for negative and sad thoughts and he was getting worse and worse, but then suddenly and fortunately Smokey, Oreo and Jennifer arrived in his life to give him hope.

Mr. Robert's neighbor, and the recipient of this the formal letter, had asked the elderly man to take care of his animals for two weeks while he was on vacation. This simple request that played a huge role in Robert's life. The lively and playful animals literally pulled the old man out of his lair and gave him the opportunity to take back his life.

The best thing, according to the Mr. Robert’s words, was leaving the house after such a long time and taking long walks in the park in the company of the three dogs. Mr. Roberts continued in the letter: "In the morning I would wake up early and go for a walk with your dogs. This hadn't happened to me for years and then, every time I became a little sad, the dogs would approach me and rub themselves on my legs and make me smile. And then at the park I met and chatted with other people - which I haven’t done for so long - and it was wonderful. I was finally part of the world again. "


Immediately after this experience, Mr. Robert adopted two dogs and continued his new habit to take the dogs for a walk and to keep being able to talk to others and feel alive. "Maybe my dogs make some noise now and then, but I forgive them," he wrote in a joking tone in his letter to his neighbor.

The letter ends in a very courteous and touching way: "You gave me the opportunity to come back to life and I thank you very much for that. Signed: Mr. Robert. PS: I think it's time to mow your lawn!". In a witty and sympathetic tone, the elderly gentleman concluded the touching letter with a joke. We can only imagine the emotions he felt and also those of the Reddit user when he read such a nice thank you letter.

This demonstrates one important thing: it takes very little to make a person happy, especially a lonely, elderly person, and it can change his day and his very existence.


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