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A street cleaner interrupts his work…
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A street cleaner interrupts his work to give a thirsty horse a drink: a very noble gesture

August 30, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Little miracles go unnoticed every day. Sometimes even a very simple gesture can turn out to be a gift from heaven. A street cleaner, in fact, moved the whole world after being filmed during an act of extreme tenderness: helping a horse in serious difficulty. A behavior that is more unique than rare given that many people would have passed by the suffering animal without even stopping. Yet, this angel decided to stay by the poor animal's side despite the calling of work. Here's what happened!

A beautiful little gesture

We are in Belém do Pará, where a small miracle took place on the streets of this Brazilian town. The scorching heat is a constant in this region, and resisting for several hours under the boiling sun is no easy feat. In fact, a horse, used to move heavy material, stops at the side of the road without being able to carry on in its duty.

The animal remains alone for a while, while he tries in every way to find the strength to go on. What he needs is just a sip of water.

Just then, along comes a street sweeper busy at his job. It doesn't take him long to understand what is happening and once he gets close to the animal he realizes that the only thing to do is give him a drink. An apparently simple gesture which, however, turned out to be providential.

The cleaner, whose name is still unknown, was noticed by a passersby who didn't hesitate to film the scene with their phone and post the video online. A touching moment that could not go unnoticed!


Unfortunately, the exploitation of animals in pulling carts and heavy materials is still common in some Brazilian regions. A dangerous activity for horses who risk dying from fatigue or thirst as in this case. In Rio de Janerio, however, a 2016 law prohibits the use of horses and donkeys to pull carts, carriages and goods. In other regions, on the other hand, alternatives and solutions are being studied to find a solution to stop using animals to move heavy burdens, a practice that risks the health of many horses,

Fortunately in this case, the unnamed savior was able to intervene promptly and save the horse from thirst. A small gesture that opens our eyes, teaching us how little it takes to accomplish a small miracle.


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