A study reveals that spending time near…
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A study reveals that spending time near the ocean might be good for our mental health

July 22, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

The sea has positive effects on blood circulation, on rheumatic diseases, on respiratory pathologies, etc., but even just the mere act of watching and listening to the waves produces a state of psychophysical well-being.

In fact, a great number of people can testify to the sense of peace and happiness that one feels when seeing and experiencing such a natural spectacle.

What was already known by instinct has now been confirmed by a scientific research study that explains in detail the reason for this phenomenon.

image: Foshie/Flickr

Gazing at the sea and watching the waves stimulates the prefrontal cortex, i.e. the area of ​​the brain that is responsible for emotion and introspection. To be precise, this is the area of the mind where emotions are processed and self-awareness is more pronounced and sustained.

The activation of this region of the brain generates feelings of happiness and tranquility which are also reflected in our physical well-being.

In fact, the sound of sea waves is very similar to the sounds that could be perceived in the maternal womb, and thereby, evoking feelings of protection and safety.

In addition, it must be remembered that our body is composed of a considerable percentage of water, consequently, any proximity to this fundamental element is a biological, magnetic call, and an invite to return to a primordial condition.

image: Pexels

As if that were not enough, it goes almost without saying that contact with nature frees the essence of thought, increases serotonin levels, and calms anxiety because we are far away from the contexts that are usually associated with stress and chaos.

For all these reasons and many others of a more subjective nature, we should try to visit the seaside whenever possible.

The eternal movement of the sea or ocean has a healing power that is very effective and that must be fully exploited, to help us to regain balance and recharge our mental resources.

The sea is one of the most impactful scenarios that Mother Nature can provide, but actually, almost any natural scenario outside of what you are used to in the crowded metropolis can be positive for the nervous system and for the health of our mind and body.

Once again, science basically does nothing but validate what we as humans have intuitively always known but that we too often forget by moving away from our most authentic states of being.

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