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25 photos of curious and extraordinary…
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25 photos of curious and extraordinary things that you never expected to see

June 29, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

The order and the regularity of certain patterns of life transmit to us tranquility and stability, but upon closer inspectionthe world is made of equally surprising events.

In fact, there are aspects of life that we thought could never happen and when we find them suddenly in front of us, they either make us burst out laughing or remain speechless!

Here are some surprising things about life that have not gone unnoticed, collected here in a photo gallery that you will certainly find intriguing in many ways!

 Where is the other arch?!?

image: Imgur/joeltb

Ok, they are usually round ... but these square donuts also look delicious!


When you let a lettuce plant grow and it seems to want to turn into a Christmas tree!

This piece of M&M candy is a ... rebel!

A tree without leaves but LOADED with apples!


 You know how it is with birds --- when building their nest they make use of everything!

Have you ever seen popcorn so small?


The 1 yen Japanese coin is so lightweight that it does not even break the surface tension of water!

From a little to very hot and spicy in a single chili pepper!


How big are the lamps on traffic lights really? Here is an example that helps us understand the proportions better!

Do you know how small newborn snakes can be? Almost the size of a human phalanx!

 Ants are experts at being organized even when it comes to drinking!

Fanta's Salty Watermelon flavor ... available only In Japan!

A sample from a real street that shows us the various layers that we usually do not see!

Take a look at how this water current has gathered together all the foam in this torrent!

This mussel was captured in a very particular moment!

Black colored toilet paper! Have you ever seen any?

A grape or a date ... What are you?

An intersection between two streams .... a bit curious, wouldn't you say?!

A frozen egg with no egg shell!

Have you ever tried to melt candy dye with a little hot water?

Curious ways in which snow settles --- here only on the outlines of the patio floor bricks ...

Or it can also settle like this creating fantasies that seem to be handmade!

image: Reddit/Kvapil

And then it happens that genetics leads to the birth of something incredibly special ...

image: guioteca

 Like these little girls!

image: guioteca

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