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Farewell to the classic retirement homes!…
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Farewell to the classic retirement homes! "Senior cohousing" structures are the future for the elderly

June 25, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

When you make the decision to move to a retirement home for the elderly, generally, for the family and those directly affected, it is never a good moment. 

Of course, these structures can also be beautiful places to live in, but you are never really at home, with your own familiar and personal space, schedule, and habits. 

For people who can no longer live alone, but who do not want to renounce either independence or feel themselves in a community, today there is an interesting solution, which is becoming more and more popular.

It is called senior cohousing, and it is a new housing trend, as well as a unique and innovative way to provide assistance to the elderly. 

In these "communities", the over-60s can have all the privacy they need, despite having access to shared spaces in which to socialize and perform different activities. All the apartments and houses are independent but close to those of their friends. Moreover, in these "cohousing" structures, there is no lack of common areas such as the dining room, cinema, fitness centers, and green spaces. 

The sense of solitude, isolation, and bewilderment that retirement homes can often create in the elderly is thus totally eliminated, in favor of a model of life where the elderly person maintains control over their own activities, being at the same time in a secure location that is also inhabited by their peers.

Thus, instead of sleeping in shared rooms and spending time in large common areas full of strangers, these new structures cohabited by the elderly make their quality of life undoubtedly better. 

Of course, such a solution can be expensive but, for those who can afford it, it certainly represents an excellent alternative to a retirement home.

In fact, the suitable environment and the greater autonomy in managing one's daily life will surely be worth the expense, as well as the serenity of living in a community that does not make you feel excluded or out of place.



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