Other uses for tea bags: 8 possible…
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Other uses for tea bags: 8 possible ways to reuse your tea bags instead of throwing them away

May 18, 2020 • By Cylia Queen

It's funny how we might use a product everyday without even realizing that it has so many other useful properties. Believe it or not, we may think of tea as a beverage, but it can be used for so many other things. Instead of throwing your used tea bags away, you should read this article about other ways in which your tea bags can come in handy. 

It's great for reducing "puffiness" under the eyes

Black tea is rich in tannins, which is perfect for reducing the swelling under your eyes when you are exhausted or don't get enough sleep. If you'd like to try this trick out, store your used tea bags in the refrigerator and, in the morning, place them under your eyes for several minutes. Tea bags can be stored in the fridge up to a couple of days. If you don't use them by then, throw them out. 

It helps soothe sunburns

The soothing properties of tea is not only great at fighting undereye puffiness, it's also great at soothing sunburns. Apply a warm tea bag to the burnt areas of your skin and you should feel a soothing sensation within seconds. 


It even soothes regular burns

Tea doesn't just sooth sunburns, it soothes all kind of burns, especially smaller ones. In this case, however, store them in the refridgerator before applying them to the affected area. 

Green tea is great for your hair

Green Tea is a wonderful addition to your hair-care routine, especially if you're looking for a natural way to fight against dandruff and add shine to lackluster hair. Prepare the tea ahead of time and let it cool before applying it to your hair. Make sure you apply it to your hair facing downward. Massage the tea into your head gently, letting it soak in for a minute or two and then rinse. 

Use it to fight against pesky odors

If you can spare a few unopened tea bags, you can use them to fight against pesky foot odors. Put a tea bag in each shoe and leave them to absorb up the odors over night. 


They are great as a fertilizer

Rich in phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen, tea is a natural soil enricher. If you'd like to try this natural remedy out, all you have to do is place the tea bags close to the stem of the plants. You can also add them to your compost, which, for obvious reasons, is the most effective method of the two. 

It is great at cleaning dishes and removing caked-on grease

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Do you sometimes have trouble removing stains and grease from your dishes and cookware? Fill your sink with water and throw your dishes and a tea bag in there and let them soak for a couple hours or even overnight. You'll see that these stains will be so easy to remove, that you won't even have to get out your brillo pad. 


It's great at cleaning mirrors

You can even use tea for cleaning our mirrors. All you have to do is let the bag steep a little longer than you usually do. Apply it to your mirrors and then use a paper towel or cloth to wipe the smudges away. You'll see that they work just as great as store-brought products without the need for harsh chemicals.

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