An old street vendor cries with happiness when a group of young people buy all his products to support him -
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An old street vendor cries with happiness…
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An old street vendor cries with happiness when a group of young people buy all his products to support him

May 09, 2020 • By Alison Forde

The advent of Coronavirus has caused irreversible damage to the psyche and economy of many countries. Before the outbreak of the pandemic there were those who went to sell fruit and vegetables at a stall every day to get their bread or, in any case, had to worry about running a stall full of goods to sell. With the closure of many businesses, people who once counted on a small fixed monthly income, found themselves without anything. Those who sell fruit on the market, for example, cannot afford to stop their business without first trying to sell their goods. Not only are these products perishable, but they are also the only source of income for certain people.

An elderly street vendor, in Honduras, found himself on the street with his cart full of vegetables, without the possibility of earning anything from his natural produce, since the city was now empty due to the pandemic. What should an elderly gentleman like him have to do in such a case? Fortunately, a group of young volunteers, from Danlì, came forward, responding to his desperate and silent request for help.

The volunteers bought all the old man's produce, for a total of about $40. A gesture of solidarity, with which the young people wanted to tell the old man to go home and stay safe. When the man saw that the young people were buying all his merchandise, he started to cry with happiness. In addition, the volunteers also gave him a package full of food and other products, so that he would not go hungry during the isolation period. 


A moving and motivating story, which does not end here: the young volunteers, in fact, decided to donate the fruit and vegetables purchased from the old man, to those who needed it most in the neighborhood. 

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