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The thousand uses of baking soda: a natural ingredient to make the home and laundry perfumed

May 22, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Baking soda is one of those ingredients that we always have in the pantry and that is effective for cleaning the house, but is also useful for personal health and well-being. Its uses, in fact, are manifold, making it an extremely versatile product. In addition to the disinfection of rooms and objects, bicarbonate is a very useful helper for our laundry in the washing machine, just like vinegar; thanks to its action, in fact, it can be used as a softener, ensuring a very pleasant clean smell. In the same way, it can also be used to make an air freshener without having to resort to chemicals.

1. Fabric softener for laundry

To make a 100% natural fabric softener, to use for your laundry in the washing machine, you will need:

10 g of baking soda;
800 ml of apple cider vinegar;
200 ml of hot water;
20 drops of essential oil with a fragrance of your choice.

Pour the water, vinegar and baking soda into a bowl; together they will produce a reaction that will make the contents of the bowl extremely frothy. Once they have finished making this foam, you can add the drops of essential oil to it, after which pour the liquid into an empty bottle. Store your homemade fabric softener in a cool place away from direct light.

2. Air freshener

To make a good air freshener use:

Baking soda;
Essential oils, always choosing the fragrances that best suit you;
(Optional) Dried aromatic herbs, such as rosemary or lavender. Dried lemon or orange peels are also fine, the important thing is that the fragrance is always to your liking.
Glass jar with lid or any other container that fits the purpose and with a cap in which you can make holes.

Pour the baking soda into the jar, filling it to about three quarters full; add a few drops of essential oil (no more than 15 drops per jar) and, if you want to increase the fragrance, add one or two teaspoons of aromatic herbs. Your air freshener is ready!

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