In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic,…
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In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, 2 women dress up as nurses and steal packages from people's houses

May 19, 2020 • By Cylia Queen

If there is something to learn from the Coronavirus epidemic, it should be clear to all of us that we need to stop thinking less about ourselves and more about others. Show respect, generosity, and solidarity - as well as being a little more altruistic towards others - are values that will only help us get through these dark times faster. 

Some people, however, will never learn. Instead of seeing the epidemic as an opportunity to better themselves, they see it as an opportunity to take advantage of other people. Take the two women in our story, for instance: they dress up like nurses and go around neighborhoods stealing packages left on people's doorsteps.  

via: CNN

In a time where doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals are being praised for their bravery, two women have been using it to their advantage. These women have been spotted going around neighborhoods, dressed like nurses, and stealing packages from hundreds, if not thousands, of doorsteps. Images of the two women have been shared on Facebook and with the Kennewick police station (located in the state of Washington), but they still have not been identified.  

The two went to great lengths to disguise themselves as nurses. They even have lanyards that look like they have nametags attached to them. Some of the people who have been victims of their robbery efforts are nurses themselves. Even a police official was robbed! According to witnesses who caught the women on their surveyance cameras, the women wait for the carriers to arrive and steal the packages immediately after they have arrived. 


another video of porch pirate

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Let's hope these two get caught soon and justice will be served! 

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