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He is 31 years old, she is 91 and this…
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He is 31 years old, she is 91 and this English couple shows everyone that true love has no age

November 14, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

He is 31 years old and she is 91 and if you double-check it, the mathematical difference amounts to 60.

Just like the age difference between young Kyle Jones and the elderly lady Marjorie McCool is exactly sixty years.

The two first met in a bookstore in 2009 and at the time she had just separated from her husband of 37 years and Kyle confessed to her that he preferred women who wore their natural hair color and were much more "mature" than his young age.

Naturally, their relationship certainly did not go unnoticed ...

In an interview with CBS on their "This Morning" show, both Kyle and Marjorie revealed that their relationship is not entirely sentimental, on the contrary. Despite the prejudice of most people, theirs is mostly a sexual and physical understanding.

As Kyle reported in the interview: "We have a very physical relationship. We talk once in a while on the phone, but in reality ours is a rather sexual relationship [...] I don't like talking about gray hair, I prefer to call that hair color platinum. I prefer hair with its natural color."

But be careful; As Kyle states, he is not a predator of elderly ladies or someone who in search of an inheritance or money, for him, nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, as he later revealed, he not only maintains a physical relationship with Marjorie but also at the same time with five other ladies who are older than him!

As to the spontaneous question, if the woman who is 91 years feels jealous about this, she herself said: "At first yes, I felt jealous of these other ladies, but then every time he comes back to me, he tells me that I am absolutely the best!"


Well, all that can be said is ... Congratulations to the couple and best wishes for lots of fun ... and loving activties for Kyle and Marjorie!


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