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He finds his girlfriend sleeping in…
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He finds his girlfriend sleeping in bed with another and take selfies for revenge and posts them on social media

November 15, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

In certain situations, a healthy dose of irony never hurts, even in those contexts of life that we would never expect.

If by chance you find out that your partner is cheating on you - right there in front of your eyes - in the same bed that you both sleep in, what would you do?

Would you act like Duston Holloway who shared the captured images of his own betrayal with a selfie in the bedroom where he discovered what he had hoped that he would never ever discover?!?

Just look at what the protagonist of this absurd - but let's be honest - heartbreaking story did!

via: The Sun

In fact, returning home early one morning, Duston found his girlfriend, completely drunk after a probable "all-nighter", in bed with a stranger.

Immediately Duston, enraged by the unexpected betrayal, lashed out by shouting at his partner, trying to wake her up but without any response.

In any case, avoiding violence, Duston took out his smartphone and decided to humiliate his (ex) girlfriend by taking a night selfie of himself - and both her and the undressed stranger who was also sleeping in their bed.

A revenge that went far beyond the simple, apparently ironic, captured images ...


In fact, Duston promptly posted and shared the images of the scandalous betrayal on his Facebook profile! 

The shameful but humorous story and images were very quickly picked up and shared on various social media platforms by countless Internet users who promptly took the side of the betrayed protagonist.

Obviously, this is a rather unusual way of getting revenge but that, despite its basic irony, teaches us that a healthy dose of sense of humor can sometimes really save us from the most bitter disappointments of our lives.

Kudos for your courage, Duston!


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