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A 6-year-old girl covers herself with…
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A 6-year-old girl covers herself with chickenpox like dots with a red ink permanent marker to avoid going to school

November 13, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Many children start their scholastic careers full of joy and curiosity towards what would seem to be a beautiful and new adventure!

However, many others, soon get bored with this novelty and in order to stay at home to play, they would try just about anything!

Who has never tried to fake having the flu or a stomach ache, just to convince mom and dad not to make us go to school?

Case in point is this 6-year-old girl, Lily Schooley, who went a little beyond the usual excuses, proving herself to already be a true "master of deception".

via: The Sun

A girl’s sick day prank backfired when she was stained head to toe in red blotches with a permanent marker. Lily...

Pubblicato da Take a Break magazine - official su Lunedì 8 aprile 2019

Lily is from Saint Austell, Cornwall (UK), and she is a very cute little six-year-old girl who also happens to be a careful observer.

In fact, in her class, she had noticed several absences, as many children had been forced to stay at home because of having caught chickenpox.

"Could this perhaps be the solution for not going to school?" Lily must have asked herself.

Once at home, the little girl decided to put her plan into action. She would fool her parents by pretending to have chickenpox, so she would not have to go to school! Her only mistake? To have used a permanent red ink marker!


Lily's mother, Charlotte, explained that her daughter knew that the next day, after she showed up covered with red dots, that there was going to be a class assignment, which is why Lily absolutely did not want to set foot in her classroom at school.

After borrowing a red ink marker "to do her homework", the little girl disappeared and returned shortly afterward to her mother, complaining due to sudden itching - "I think I have chickenpox, mom, so I can't go to school tomorrow."


Both of Lily's parents immediately noticed the obvious mess the little girl had created, but without giving too much away, they pretended to play along with the hoax: "Well, honey, now we have to take you to the doctor right away!"

After hearing those words, Lily immediately tried to remove those fake red dots she had drawn with the felt-tip marker all over her body, but she had not considered the fact that she had used a permanent red ink marker.

Consequently, even with the help of her mother, soap, and alcohol, all those red dots did not go away immediately and Lily was forced to go to school the next day, showing everyone what an embarrassing mess she had made.

It was especially hard for her to explain to all her classmates that she was not really infectious and that there was no risk in standing or sitting next to her!


In any case, this naughty little girl has certainly learned her lesson!

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