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He reveals his pregnant wife's infidelity…
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He reveals his pregnant wife's infidelity at a party: she had been cheating on him for three years with a mutual friend

November 10, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Imagine being invited to a beautiful and elegant party to celebrate the future birth of a child who is still in the womb. There are friends, relatives, the future father, the future mother with the unborn child in her womb, everything seems to be going Well... it's a pity that in the baby shower we are telling you about today things took a really absurd turn, when the future father's lawyer entered the scene with some compromising documents ...

via: Yahoo News

This bizarre event with its final revelation happened in Bolivia and the video that captured the uproar and the upheaval that followed was posted on YouTube, quickly going viral around the world. In the images we see the future father announcing to everyone that he is going to to become the dad to a little boy, in front of his beautiful wife, who was  pregnant.

With him, however, there was a lawyer who showed the wife's ultrasound picture: she was not four months pregnant as everyone believed, but six months!

The baby she was carrying was not only not his, but he knew that the woman had been cheating on him regularly for at least three years with a mutual friend who was present at the baby shower!

However, the sensational revelations did not end there: things got even more dramatic and absurd when the lawyer showed a video of his wife and a man getting comfortable, dressed only in towels, before or after an act of intimacy. Overwhelming evidence that immediately generated chaos in the party ...


The pregnant wife was distraught and tried to stop her husband from destroying that beautiful moment, while he just wanted to reveal the infidelity and end the relationship that was no longer based on mutual sincerity. The child the woman was expecting did not belong to him, but to one of his best friends!

For this reason then the party turned into a hunt for the third wheel, the real father of the unborn child, the one who had betrayed the trust of one of his best friends for three years.

A really lively party, don't you think?


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