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10 curious uses for Vodka that you have…
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10 curious uses for Vodka that you have never thought of


There's a good chance you know that vodka is the most famous high alcohol Russian drink in the world and perhaps you have also drunk it from time to time. 

There is an even greater probability that you are not aware of all the alternative uses for this liquor with its very high alcohol content. 

Are you one of those people who has a bottle of vodka at home for special occasions but you drink it so rarely that it just sits there taking up space? 

Here's how you can use it when the occasion presents itself!

1. Instant remedy for poison ivy.

You are camping, and in the evening there will be a party but now it is afternoon and a friend of yours has just touched a poisonous ivy plant while wandering through the woods. If someone has some vodka on hand, just pour it over the affected area. It may seem like a remedy from a movie, but if you do it right away, it really works wonders! 

2. Strengthens ambient fragrances.

Just a few drops of vodka is all you need to prolong for an incredibly long time the effect of the essential oils you put in your home air fresheners.


3. Keep freshly picked flowers fresh longer.

image: Pixabay

Containing between 6 and 40 percent alcohol, vodka has excellent antibacterial properties. Therefore, a very small amount of vodka mixed with the water in a vase holding freshly picked flowers will help keep the flowers fresh longer.

4. Gives the right consistency to homemade ice cream.

If you enjoy making ice cream at home, consider adding a tablespoon of vodka to your recipe. No, it is not to make your guests "happier"! The properties of vodka prevent ice cream from becoming too hard and frozen, giving it the right consistency, perfect for a spoon!

5. Against bad smells in the washing machine.

image: Max Pixel

The more humid the climate, the less freshly washed our clothes smell. Now that we are in the summer, you can add a little vodka to the washing machine. This will get rid of that musty odor that all too often is present even if the clothes have just been washed.

6. Makes breaded chicken extra crispy.

Returning to the kitchen, there is another food that acquires and maintains the right consistency with a little vodka, namely, fried chicken. Why is our homemade breading never like the one in fast food restaurants? We cannot assure you that their secret is vodka, but you can try it!

7. Fresh-smelling breath.

image: Pixabay

What is the best homemade mouthwash? Nine tablespoons of powdered cinnamon in half a glass of vodka. Hey, you have to rinse your mouth, not drink it, Ok?!

8. It makes glass windows shine.

What is the best home-made glass cleaner? It is still based on vodka! Pour 1/4 of a cup of vinegar and a drop of dishwashing liquid into half a glass of vodka. Pour everything into a spray bottle and see how your glass windows will shine.

9. Key ingredient in homemade extracts.

The recipes of many homemade extracts ask for bourbon to be used. But if you want to have a more delicate flavor you can also use vodka!

10. Insect repellent.

To get rid of mosquitoes and other insects, all you have to do is pour some vodka into a spray bottle, and spray it on the exposed parts of your body, that could be targeted by these pesky animals. Do not exaggerate when applying and wait for the alcohol to evaporate before spraying yourself again!

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