Using recycled strips of old bath towels: the final creation is amazing! -
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Using recycled strips of old bath towels:…
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Using recycled strips of old bath towels: the final creation is amazing!

January 22, 2016 • By Robert Maggi

Whether due to use or because of inaccurate washing, certainly in every house abound bath towels that have now lost their softness and are destined to just be piled up somewhere in a closet before finally being thrown away.

Wait a minute! Not so fast! Instead of getting rid of those old bath towels -- why not try recycling them in a very intelligent and practical way? How?! The answer is simple and easy! By cutting them into strips, creating braids, and then simply sewing them together with a needle and cotton thread -- you can create your very own personalized and multicolored bath mat. Soft, absorbent, ecological and ... at no cost!

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