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5 effective methods to remove scratches,…
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5 effective methods to remove scratches, bad smells, and dirty stains from shoes


Perhaps it is because we put them on our feet and then forget to look at them, but the shoes we wear could last a lot longer if we just remembered to take care of them a little more!

The most common problems we all know, are scratches, dirty stains, bad smells and the possibility that our swollen feet force us to wear shoes that are too tight.

Nevertheless, there is no problem that cannot be solved with a little cleverness and, in fact, here you will find five quick solutions for these annoying situations!

Treatment of synthetic leather shoes.

image: DaveHax

If synthetic leather shoes have visible scratches but not too deep, you can try to minimize the damage by applying small quantities of distilled white vinegar (this will slightly swell the part treated and make the scratch less visible), then you can set the repair with colorless shoe polish. This type of polish does not alter the original color of the shoe and it helps to smooth out the differences between the good and the damaged parts of the shoe. 

Another method that you can try is the silicone product called Sugru: a rubber-like material that can be modeled to your liking (it hardens after 30 minutes) but that once applied maintains its softness characteristics and, therefore, the make it suitable for problems like this.

Dirty sneakers.

The first step is to put dirty sneakers in the washing machine, but even doing so does not guarantee that the strip of rubber that is often found at the base of the shoe becomes white again! Try mixing a bit of toothpaste with a pinch of baking soda and apply this paste to the affected area using an abrasive sponge. Using this method, you will truly be able to say that your sneakers look just like they did when you bought them! 


Bring patent leather shoes back to life.

Nothing stands out more easily than a dirty stain left on shiny patent leather shoes! To remove dirty stains effectively, just use a small amount of Vaseline applied with a cotton pad or a cotton swab.

How to adjust a shoe that is too tight?

image: Little Things

This clever trick is as simple as it is effective! Just put on your socks then put on your tight shoes and then turn on the hair dryer! The heat directed towards the shoe will help soften it and, when you take off your socks, you will notice how much you have gained in comfort!

Say goodbye to bad smells!

There are several ways to make sure your shoes do not emit deadly odors! You can use tea bags or citrus peels and put them in your shoes and leave them overnight. Or you can do something even more curious such as putting your shoes in an airtight plastic bag and storing them in the freezer for one night! The next morning, you will note that the bad smells have vanished! 

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