Transfer your favorite designs onto fabric with a very simple DIY method

by Shirley Marie Bradby

June 07, 2018

Transfer your favorite designs onto fabric with a very simple DIY method

Today it is easy to customize t-shirts and handbags with designs or images of our choice, making our own clothes unique, or creating an ad hoc gift for family or friends!

However, it is not always necessary to turn to a store that offers specialized printing. In fact, we ourselves can print the photo or illustration we love on an article of clothing in a very simple way and using only a few tools!

Do you want to try it? Yes? Then follow these easy steps!


First, arm yourself with:

  • image to be copied (not made with an inkjet printer) 
  • brush 
  • lavender oil 
  • paper 
  • cotton fabric or jute to print on
  • adhesive tape 
  • wooden spoon 
  • parchment paper 
  • an iron

Start by ironing the fabric, so that it is smooth and without wrinkles; then, put some paper on the inside of the surface you want to treat, holding it in place with adhesive tape. In the same way, apply the image you want to copy on the outside of the fabric (the one that will be visible to everyone), turning the image over so that is facing the fabric, as in the picture. At this point, brush a few drops of lavender oil on the motif to be printed, covering it completely. 

Attention: if the image includes a logo, obtain a mirror version, to transfer it in the correct way on the fabric.

Use the wooden spoon to better press the image onto the fabric.

You can gently lift a corner of the paper to check and make sure that the image has been transferred. If necessary, pour a few more drops of lavender oil and continue to rub the wooden spoon over the image.

Once you have ascertained that the design has been faithfully copied onto the fabric, gently detach it and wait for it to dry completely.

Finally, place the parchment paper on the image and pass the hot iron over it, but without steam, so as to fix the image in a manner resistant to washing at 86°F (30°C).


See the splendid result?! Of course, you can choose to print any image that you prefer, not just portraits, but also objects in common use. Like for example, look how this t-shirt with a boom box stereo image looks unique and vintage!

 What are you waiting for to try this out?

Would you prefer an idea with a more oriental flavor? Choose a mandala to print like the one in the picture - or one with colors! In fact, you should know that you can also create colorful prints with this simple method!