Do you use clothespins just to hang laundry? Here are 23 uses that perhaps have escaped your attention!

by Shirley Marie Bradby

October 06, 2018

Do you use clothespins just to hang laundry? Here are 23 uses that perhaps have escaped your attention!

An object that just cannot be lacking in all of our homes are clothespins. Used primarily to hang wet laundry, these practical objects, in reality, hide unexpected uses that awaken the desire for DIY projects that exists in all of us.

From simple clasps to shelves for the bathroom, to creating advent calendars, let's discover 23 tips to upcycle this practical everyday object in creative and useful ways!


1. A bicycle light holder!


2. A practical hanger for scarves --- to position behind a door

 3. Gluing clothespins together with ice cream sticks can create a mobile for baby cots!

4. Here is a way to organize and identify the numerous cables behind your desk ...

5. A way to keep your glasses always on hand in your car ...


6. With a bit of imagination, you can invent toys and games to play with children!

7. There is no better way to dry makeup brushes!


 8. Two clothespins and a felt-tip pen are more than enough to maintain a tidy bathroom!

9. They can also be used as clasps for small items on the inside of cabinet doors.


10. A practical remedy to avoid letting soup ladles fall into hot containers!

11. Here's how to identify and label different sizes of sheets!


12. You can also use them as a placeholder or to remember where you planted different types of herbs.

13. A neat and orderly way to hang work gloves.


14. With a lot of clothespins and a pinch of inventiveness, you can create shelves like this!

 15. An original way to organize and store sewing thread or wool.


16. Using a clothespin spring can make Chinese chopsticks much easier to use.

17. An easy way to identify containers that hold dishes that look similar!

18. Using clothespins during the Christmas holiday season is not a bad idea either ...

19. Remaining on the Christmas theme ... here is a beautiful advent calendar!

20. How about this low-cost idea for wedding favors?

21. A nice way to find socks after they have been washed and dried --- and lost!

22. For all those times when clothes tend to slide and fall off the clothes hanger!

 23. A creative music-style piano bulletin board, created by gluing together dozens of clothespins.

Remember also to not to throw away clothespins even if they seem broken, they can still become the protagonists of some really clever DIY projects!