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17 images show us what a talented make-up…
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17 images show us what a talented make-up artist can do

December 27, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Goar Avetysan was born in 1993 in Armenia. Today this young woamn is a successful make-up artist, as well as a real master of the art. Her talent and passion have earned her over 9 million followers on Instagram, where she collects likes and comments from a loyal and amazed community. Her clients' transformations are incredible: Goar manages to enhance the strengths and hide the imperfections of every woman. The result are doe eyes, smooth skin and plump lips. The skeptical say it's thanks to Photoshop, but Goar silences them with her miraculous hands.

1. A simple neutral tint on the lips: the makeup focuses on the eyes, their brightness and intensity.

2. For a round face, the artist once again focused on the eyes using eye shadows, lashes and dark colors.


3. Add intensity to the look by emphasising eyebrows and making the lashes thicker: the result is natural and beautiful.

4. Two such blue eyes should be show cased. How? With a light-dark contrast accomplished with eye shadows and pencils.

5. A nuanced, delicate and warm-colored makeup. A touch of highlighter and this woman also has a satisfied smile.


6. A dark complexion enhanced by warm, luminous colors and an intense lip tint. Dark circles? Vanished!

7. The gaze is the center of this masterpiece: new eyebrows and the play of colors and shades on the eyelids.


8. A thinner nose and a more intense look, made with dark eyeshadows and the play of shading.

9. Pale eyes, already large, are highlighted by black pencil and light eyeshadow to give further brightness.


10. Here too is a minimal makeup to enhance the eyes, the lips are kept to a neutral flesh-colored shade.

11. Pink lips, plumped up with a pencil, and a beautiful gaze thanks to thick eye lashes. A little highlighter and there you go!

12. Skin made flawless by the foundation and contouring effects that enhance the cheekbones, dark eyeshadow and immense charm.

13. Here, too, make-up with a lifting effect: nose made much thinner and an intense look enhanced from the inside out.

14. Lips with more defined contours, silky skin and a deep look for this woman too. A more sophisticated hairstyle and that's it.

15. This time everything focuses on the lips: a bright red tint and light eyes enhanced by a thin line of eyeliner.

16. With such beautiful eyes there is not much to be done: a matte effect on the red lips and some brightness around the eye.

17. A lifting effect on the skin, illuminating and colors with brown tones for the eyes: the result is a feline look.

For other incredible looks by this make-up artist you can visit her Instagram profile. Which of these transformations made you go "Wow, but how does she do it?".


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