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17 original and creative snowmen who…
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17 original and creative snowmen who brought a touch of magic to their neighborhoods

December 23, 2020 • By Alison Forde

When winter arrives, the coldest season of the year, one of the greatest joys is enjoying the spectacle of ice and copious amounts of snow; although it can create some problems in getting around, snow remains one of the most fascinating and magical natural spectacles that exists. Young and old have always enjoyed watching the slow descent of the white flakes and the muffled blanket of snow dotted with amazing snow creations!

Can you tell the difference!

image: Deb/Flickr

I can see you!


A cute idea: a snowman using his cellphone!

A snowman...up-side-down!

Beware of the shark!

image: Imgur

A snowman and his little family!

A merry gang of snowmen at the bar!


Every year the same tradition: building a rather threatening snowman ... in the freezer!

He's after us, help!

image: Imgur

A very muscular snowman!

image: Lutya/Reddit

This one is a bit square, no?

How long did it take to build one this size?

image: Imgur

One for star wars fans

Genius! Building a snowman around the mailbox!

image: majlem/Reddit

Isn't this one a little tall?

Small, but perfectly formed...

Meet Olaf, the snowman from the film Frozen!

image: Imgur

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