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Mother takes down Christmas tree on the evening of 25th December: for many, this was far too soon

January 07, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

When the Christmas atmosphere descends upon us, no one can escape it. In fact, there are those who can't wait to decorate their homes with lights, Christmas decorations, the traditional, conifer, evergreen Christmas tree. But there are also those who can't wait to remove all the decorations as soon as December 25th passes. In short, not everyone loves this winter holiday in the same way as most others. These people simply can't wait to get rid of Christmas-themed clutter in their homes, and especially the bulky Christmas tree. This is the tale of a mother whose story went viral around the world, provoking indignation and igniting an online debate between those who supported her and those who "condemned" her actions as "heartless".

via: The Sun UK

image: Pxhere

Sonia Parker posted - then later removed - a short video on TikTok. By the time it was removed, it had had many views, been shared widely and had garnered many comments - and the reason for this was very simple:  The woman had taken a short video of herself, using her mobile phone, showing her cleaning up her living room and packing away the Christmas tree into its dusty box. So far, there is nothing strange about this behavior. What is strange, however, is that this mother had taken down the Christmas tree and all the decorations on the evening of 25th December. 

With hardly any time to celebrate the most joyful day of the year,  this mother saw fit to almost immediately get rid of the Christmas decorations which she considered too "bulky" and that would only accumulate dust over the post-Christmas weeks. In a self-mocking caption on the video, Sonia Parker even wrote: "What kind of a mom puts the Christmas tree away on Christmas Eve when the kids go to bed?"

We are not sure what the reasons are as to why this mother wanted to take down the Christmas tree in her living room at home so early, but many users have had trouble understanding her actions. There are those who have felt "sorrow" and compassion for the woman's children. These detractors feel the children have been deprived of the joy of being able to celebrate Christmas together surrounded by the warmth of a fully-decorated and colorful Christmas tree. But there were those who supported the actions of this mother. These supporters feel that it was responsible and reasonable for this mother to remove the tree early as she might have wanted to prevent her children from breathing in excess dust, or to stop them from getting too close to the electric lights.

What do you think about this matter? Was the woman right to take down her Christmas tree on the evening of December 25th, or should she have left it up for a few more days?


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